At Cardigan Castle

At Cardigan Castle with Rhiannon Lewis and her debut novel My Beautiful Imperial which is available at Amazon  and at Victorina Press

A bit about me

Hi, my name is Maria Consuelo de las Mercedes Rivera-Fuentes but that was because my parents wanted to please both my grandmothers. I have always preferred Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes. In Chile and other Latin American cultures, as well as in Spain, we keep both our parents' surnames. I have had to place a hyphen between my dad's surname (Rivera) and my mother's (Fuentes) so it is easy for English speakers to identify me in, for example, legal documents.

I am a teacher of EFL and I have two MAs, one in Sociology and Women's Studies and one in Publishing. I also hold a PhD in Women's Studies. I am retired now but I have started a new career, this time in Publishing, and have established Victorina Press in the West Midlands where I live with my partner, three doggies and some horses. This press is small and independent and so far I have published a novel by Rhiannon Lewis (My Beautiful Imperial) and a bilingual anthology of poetry written by Latin-American poets living in the UK (Desentrañando Memorias/Unravelling Memories) and edited by myself.

I am also a writer and have published poetry as well as short-story books in Spanish and in English. 

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